Using an automatic car wash Melbourne is an eco-friendly way to keep a car clean and it is much better for the earth’s health compared to a normal Saturday morning hand car wash at home. To prove this true, here are some facts to dig on.

  • A normal garden hose can actually pump out water up to 10 gallons per minute, meaning a 10-minute hand car wash at home could use up 100 gallons or perhaps more. That is so much water!
  • Now a typical conveyor or in-bay automatic car wash Melbourne could consume only 35 – 85 gallons per car. See the difference?
  • Water saving is pretty obvious. Bringing your vehicle to a reliable Melbourne car wash could save great gallons of water than car washing at home.

Apart from water saving, below are more ways that car wash is eco-friendly:

  • Most car wash centers used recycled water in cleaning and washing cars.
  • A lot of automatic car wash equipment and machines are remarkably proficient in reducing water usage as well as using products or chemicals that aren’t dangerous for the planet earth.
  • Nowadays, car wash service providers are required to sift and filter their wastewater – thus soap, pre-wash chemicals, polishing compounds and some other agents will not leak into the rainwater systems and possibly harm wildlife and waterways. That filtered wastewater is either reused for rinsing and washing other cars later or sent to the sewer. On the other hand, other chemicals and soaps used in hand car wash leak into the environment as they are not filtered from the waste water which clears out into the sewage system.
Why Automatic Car Wash Melbourne Is Eco-Friendly

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