When the printer suddenly stopped working, you should not delay a call to the printer service repair company because the problem may get worse in the next days. The Global Office Machines (GOM) is one of the best of the friends that you can call for help in case you are in in Australia. The office is in Parammatta and other workshops are made available in Bankstown, Alexandra, Hordnsby, Brookvalem Castle hill, Sydney CBD, Macquarie Park, Liverpool, Hurstville, Blacktown, and Wetherhill Park. They are available from 8am to 5pm during weekdays. Not all cases require the printer to be repaired in the workshops as the GOM technicians can repair minor damage right there in your place.

In case of extensive repairs, GOM will not charge you more for the more than a day service. In simpler term, there are no hidden charges. In case of a very extensive damage, GOM technicians are expert enough to let you know when it will be wiser to just buy a new one instead of having your printer repaired. This is because some printer repairs require a replacement of parts that are way too expensive.

GOM has a 98% First Visit Success Rate and so you are secured that you have the high possibility of having your printer revived back to normal soonest. For your peace of mind, they also offer a 3-Month Parts Warranty for the service they provide. You can also take advantage of their kind offers like discounted consumables and loan, whenever possible.

Email them at service@gom.com.au or call 1300 882 852 or 02 9874 4411 today.

What to Do When the Printer Breaks Down

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