The beard used to be a “trademark” for the wise men many decades or centuries ago. Today, it remains to be a trend that attracts people. If you have a beard and you wonder what is the beard style that will be a hit, here’s the top three:

medium hair and beard1. The Medium hair and beard is always a trend. It actually depends on your maintenance if it will continue to look better.
long hair and beard2. Roar like a lion with the Long hair and beard style. This of course will require you to have greater maintenance for the hair on top of your head aside from the beard. It is manageable though and it is worth it.
3. Women usually love this Top Knot and Beard style. They would say it is really hot. But the same as the second one, you need to have your hair (on top of the head) managed well too even if you tie it everyday. It should smell good as your beard. Use conditioner and always wash it with knot and beard

[this list is based from the top 10 of Hair Style on Point, see more from]

The hair on top of your head has a lot to do with your looks and the beard is equally having such effect. Therefore, you need to make sure that you manage them both properly. Shampoo and conditioner are a great need. The beard oil and beard balm should always be in your closet too.

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Different Beard Styles

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